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Pro-Designed, Inc. lets you pay for your order from your VERIFIED PayPal account.

We've set up a shopping cart system that handles all stock items, including spandex color selection and custom fabric patterns. Just click the ADD to Cart button on the individual product page to add it to your order and view the cart contents in a separate, secure window. Click the VIEW Cart button to see cart contents at any time. You can change the quantity of an item ordered in the shopping cart, or remove it, by editing the cart & clicking the UPDATE button. When finished, proceed to CHECKOUT. Custom sizing measurements & 2nd choices for colors & patterns can be entered in the MESSAGE field (it'll say "Custom Sizing; 2nd Choices") at checkout. You can also enter any other messages you'd like to have accompany your order in that field.

If your order contains items not yet available through the shopping cart (like Buckle Systems or Open Back Systems), please use the following method:

Email your order with details of customized features desired to prodesignedinc@msn.com and BE SURE to INCLUDE THE EMAIL ADDRESS OF RECORD FOR YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

We'll add up your order, plus shipping, & email the total to you for confirmation. Once you authorize payment to Pro-Designed, Inc. through your PayPal account, we'll process & ship your order.

Include ALL of the following information:
_SPANDEX COLORS and/or FABRIC PATTERNS - 1st and 2nd choices

Email this order request to prodesignedinc@msn.com

• Alaska and Hawaii residents
please call or email for quotes on shipping.
• Orders Over $500 Subject to Additional Shipping Charges
- contact us for shipping quotes on large orders.


Go to the Postal Order page, then use the Official PD Order Form to specify your order.

To place larger orders, get shipping quotes and answers to all product questions, including custom work, please call Wild Bill directly: (713) 957-0341, or email: prodesignedinc@msn.com



All prices are indicated in US Dollars. See the catalog pages for complete product pricing information. Custom pattern fabric charges vary dependent on pad type. All prices indicated at this site apply only to orders prepaid & placed directly with Pro Designed, Inc. In addition to accepting payment through VERIFIED PayPal accounts, we also accept Money Orders, Cashier's Checks or Certified Checks.

Customers not wishing to pay through PayPal may call WILD BILL directly (713-957-0341) to place orders by credit card.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Standard shipping rates apply to US residents ONLY. Minimum shipping & handling charges for destinations inside the US are $13 for the first item, plus $2 per each additional item ordered. PayPal orders require an additional $3 for signature confirmation of delivery. All international buyers MUST CALL Wild Bill at (713) 957-0341 (US), or EMAIL prodesignedinc@msn.com (text messages only) to get correct rates quoted prior to placing orders.

All international orders are shipped by US Mail.

All orders for USA residents are shipped by UPS.

Most pad items are available in standard S, M, L & XL sizes (except the Mini P.D.'s and the Mini P.D. Elbow Pads, which are available in One Size Only). T-Shirts come in white only and are also available in S, M, L & XL. All other items (Hip Pads, Recaps, Tail Bone Protectors, Stickers) are available in a standard One Size Only. SMALL Wrist Guards are designed specifically for the younger skaters, ages 4 to 9 years. Custom sizing on pads is available at No Extra Charge. For Custom-Sized Knee Pads, measure AROUND the thigh at 4" ABOVE the TOP of the kneecap & AROUND the calf at 4" BELOW the BOTTOM of the kneecap (see knee pad sizing window). Similarly, for Custom-Sized Elbow Pads, measure AROUND the bicep at 4" IN towards the shoulder from the TIP of the elbow & AROUND the forearm at 4" OUT towards the wrist from the TIP of the elbow (see elbow pad sizing window). For Custom-Sized Wrist Guards, measure completely AROUND the wrist at a point below the hand where the wrist bends, then, with palm open and fingers closed, measure the distance ACROSS the knuckles, from outside the index finger’s knuckle to outside the pinky finger’s knuckle (see wrist guard sizing window).

Standard pad covering is Texas Indigo Blue Denim; standard spandex backing colors are black, navy, purple, red, orange, yellow & green. Spandex colors are subject to availability at time of order. Custom Pattern Fabric covering is available at an Extra Charge, Choice of Color Spandex backing is available at NO Extra Charge. See the Custom Fabric Patterns & Spandex Color Options... pages for the full range of options, and also see the catalog pages or individual product windows for custom pattern covering charges, which vary according to the specific pad types. All custom fabrics are subject to availability at time of order. Please be sure to indicate both 1st & 2nd choice for spandex colors and when ordering custom fabrics.

BUCKLES can be applied to all P.D. Pad Products, except Throw On Knee Pads and Shin Guards, including pads made with the OPEN-BACK System for an addtional $18/pair.

The OPEN-BACK System is available (in BLACK only) for Super Singles, 1 1/3 Capped Knee Pads & Double Capped Knee Pads @ $30/pair additional charge, and for Recreational & Mini Ramp Knee Pads @ $28/pair additional charge.

BLACK caps are available for most standard knee & elbow pads @ $10/pair additional charge, for 1 & 1/3 Capped Knee Pads @ $15/pair additional charge, and for Double Capped Knee Pads @ $20/pair additional charge.

Pro-Designed, Inc. will make repairs (if possible) to its pads on a price quote basis.

Pro-Designed, Inc. will accept UNDAMAGED returns for product exchanges or product credit ONLY, plus $25 restocking fee; customer must bear ALL additional shipping costs.

For more information, quotes, or to discuss custom work not covered here, call WILD BILL (in the US) at (713) 957-0341.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Returns are good ONLY for product credit. Allow up to 3-6 weeks for processing, manufacturing, shipping and delivery on large orders, custom work and back orders .


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